Recipe 2 



GARLIC: Pickled whole or freshly chopped a "must" for flavour in stir fries, fried rice, steaks and more. An indispensable ingredient to add to those mouth watering dishes and dips.

GINGER: Natures golden brown root, grated or sliced for a warm spicy flavour to stews, stir fires, grills or steamed fish. A must for sushi lovers

GALANGA: A root similar to ginger with a pinkish skin and mellow taste. Peeled and sliced a must for curries. Blends really well with lemon grass

CORIANDER: An essential ingredient in Asian cooking. The root can be used for making soup and the leaves may be eaten fresh. Adds a delicate exotic aroma to dishes

MINT: A refreshing sweet aroma delightful as an ingredient or eaten fresh. An exotic flavour when added to spring rolls.

LEMON GRASS: Beautiful slender aromatic stalks provide a lemon scent to any dish. A magic touch to curries, grills and seafood. An indispensable herb.